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Service Learning Program

Trips and Information

Local Trips: Please refer to the Service Program Calendar

Chicago Urban Immersion Social Justice Service-Learning Retreat
Pine Ridge Reservation Cultural Service-Learning Retreat  
Appalachian Immersion Social Justice/ Environmental Justice Service Learning Retreat

Experiential Education at TrekNorth
The mission of TrekNorth’s Experiential Education Program is to provide opportunities for students to develop leadership, confidence, compassion, and perseverance. Through service and wilderness oriented experiences, students will progress through increasingly challenging programming in order to move from a novice to an expert in their chosen interests and will enrich the community of TrekNorth through reflection and presentation. Through TrekNorth’s Experiential Education Program, students will develop lifelong values for community, diversity, challenge, wilderness, and social issues.

The SLP Experience at TrekNorth: 
All students will progress through the service program as a part of their required curriculum. In grade 6, students serve their school community by leading the recycling program. In grades 7, students are exposed to the various local service projects by serving as alternates on the local trips. In grades 8, students identify the needs of our community by listening to stories of residents and prepare for their high school service project. In grades 9-10, students engage in service activities at various agencies in Bemidji. In grades 11-12, students participate in a service immersion trip in Chicago, Illinois.

The Service Program aims to create socially conscience citizens by providing opportunities for students to volunteer in their local and global communities. The mission of the TrekNorth Service Program is to build and strengthen relationships within the school community while creating and building relationships within the community we live and in our extended communities.

SLP Values
The Service Program values altruism, education, community, and leadership.

TrekNorth believes leadership is a developed rather than inherent trait. Leadership evolves after experience, and TrekNorth values a leadership style amongst staff and students that incorporates personal accountability and a willingness and desire to work towards a common goal while possessing awareness of consequences, awareness of community, awareness of group needs, and awareness of environment.

TrekNorth believes education is grounded in experience, and the experiences that provide challenge, excitement, critical-thinking, and the demand for communication are the best teachers. The challenges we create for our students on service retreats will teach them the skills they need for the ability to ethically navigate through the realms of their family, peer groups, school, daily decision-making, and career path.

TrekNorth is a community first; a community dedicated to young people who are striving to become positive contributors to their local and global communities. TrekNorth values its students, staff, families, and community members. TrekNorth values and appreciates teamwork, critical-thinking, personal responsibility, diversity, integrity, humor, and a commitment to one another.


Contact Information:

Please email or phone with any questions, comments, or concerns.




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